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Meet The Chief Plunger

Hello everyone! My name is Luke and I am the Chief Plunger here at Tucson Cold Plunge. I started learning about the benefits of cold water exposure about 3 years ago from “Own the Day” by Aubrey Marcus . After a little research and accomplishing my first plunge, I was hooked. As a jiu jitsu enthusiast, the recovery benefits were very appealing not only for the physical, but for mental training as well. I began making my own ice baths at home with a plastic tub from Home Depot, eventually graduating to a large tin horse trough. I fell in love with this experience and sharing it with friends. Plunging has made me a better, more resilient human and that’s why I’m passionate about sharing it with the Tucson community. The plunge is challenging but the feelings of accomplishment, strength, and resiliency are well worth the small amount of work. Stay cold Tucson!

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